"Slice of Life" - A new and totally unique addition to the world of portrait photography. In addition to the beautiful portrait prints that go on the mantelpiece, in an album or on Dad's desk, I design and construct a bespoke piece of 'art' that tells a story through numerous pictures.

A "Slice of Life" picture is a multi-aperture photomontage depicting the life of your family at a particular point in time, at home and in your local area. So, itís not just about the people but the road name, the house number, the school uniform or gates, the local pub, the shoes in the hall, your favourite furniture or furnishings... the little incidentals that give context and meaning to the portraits.

The feedback would suggest that a "Slice of Life" picture is somehow more precious than the prints that get replaced as the children grow up. Being a "piece of art" - well, something that is created for you personally and is intended to be hung on a wall - it will stand the test of time and be a fond reminder of life as it was, when your family moves house or area, the children move on, the family life changes.

This idea of depicting the story of people at a point in time through a multi-aperture photomontage has numerous applications. It can make a very personal and unique Wedding present, Christening present or just a great Birthday present. I even created a "Slice of Life" as a downsizing present recently. A retired couple were selling the beloved family home and moving away from the area so the children commissioned a "Slice of Life" to serve as a constant reminder of the happy times they had had in that home. If you are interested please do not hesitate to call or email me to find out more.

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